SpinCrit Microhematocrit Centrifuge - Portable     Inexpensive     Battery or AC operation
I sell only one product, the SpinCrit microhematocrit centrifuge, which is the lightest and most rugged,  least expensive and very accurate hematocrit centrifuge, now in use in some 40 countries worldwide at last count -- by physicians veterinarians, university biologists and others engaged in field work, horse trainers, science instructors, and persons monitoring their own chronic illnesses or those of family members or pets -- to name a few.     
It is the only centrifuge which has a lifetime warranty and whose capillary tubes do not need to be sealed with clay or other material, nor is a reader card needed to calculate the percentage of packed red cells, which is read directly from the percentage scale embossed on the rotor alongside each tube, without removing the tube.  
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